Womb Embodiment – Single Session


Did you know that your womb has a voice of its own? She knows how to speak to you and give you all the information you need on this journey.

The Yoni (womb) is our portal to pleasure, purpose and unconditional love. We birth so many things into existence, simply because we exist. When connected to your womb, you can hear the guidance booming through your body and helping you rapidly step into your Truth and power.

This womb session is for any woman who is seeking to connect with her womb on the deepest level. Whether she has been through sexual trauma, endometriosis (PCOS, PMDD), a traumatizing birth, disconnection from her body, painful menstruation, shame/guilt or if she is simply wanting to stand even further in her Truth, this session is for her!

This session will help you strengthen your relationship with your womb, clear out trauma and embody your sacred wisdom and reconnect with your highest self. We will also leap through a Yoni portal to take you to your purpose even faster!

One session can help you clear out so much wounding from yourself and your lineage.

This is a 2 hour session! 

This will be done via Zoom and you will receive a link within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment via the email you used during check out.


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