Energetic Clearing


An Energetic Clearing releases any energy attached to your body and reconnects you with yourself.

Energy clearings are great if you have feel depression or anxiety, tension in your body, heavy from trauma, extremely tired or disconnected from your body or stuck and not sure how to move forward.

In our sessions we will reconnect you with your energetic field, fix the holes in your aura, release trauma from your body, rebalance your chakra system, restore your nervous system, clear misaligned energy, connect with your guides, quantum leap into a new reality and reconnect with your highest self.

We can also connect with your inner child, release sexual trauma, navigate your emotions, connect with those who have passed, explore ways to help you relax, identify the roots of your wounding and realign you to your natural frequency.

Energetic clearing sessions are different from Trauma Release sessions because these focus more on the energetic body and the ethereal realm. Trauma Release sessions have more of a scientific foundation with spiritual work.

This will be done via Zoom and you will receive a link within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment via the email you used during check out.


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