Energetic Enlightenment


An Energetic Attunement allows you to receive information that you need for the next step in your journey!

An Energetic Enlightenment is different than an Energetic Clearing because we will help you download information that your body can’t receive on the energetic plane of Earth. As move up into the ethers, we will create a space of energetic receptiveness for the body.  As your body integrates the information, allow yourself to be open. The more open you are, the better the energy is received.

Energy enlightenments are great if you are on a path of expansion and you’re looking to take the next step, you’ve been on the path of self discovery and want to connect deeper with yourself and if you’re wanting to upgrade your life on an energetic level.

In our sessions we will connect with your energetic field, connect with your spirit guides/angels, put your body in a vibrational state to receive information and help you connect with your highest self.

Examples of outcomes: Stepping into your soul purpose, getting a new job, growth in business, finding your significant other, getting a soul piece that was missing so you can move forward.

Every person is different, so your enlightenment is exactly the medicine you need for you specifically.

This is a 1 hour session!

This will be done via Zoom and you will receive a link within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment via the email you used during check out.


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